Sleeping in the Family House

Sleeping in the family house

“Anna & Ricca” bed and breakfast is a small tribute to the bond and sharing that we would all like to try at least. Many knew Annamaria and Riccardo and their history: a strong union and an exemplary couple, the engine of social life by Sixties, an intense and articulated professional and service activity. A solid family unit where Riccardo was not without Annamaria and Anna without “Ricca”. This was their beloved home in the heart of the center of Reggio, full of memorabilia and consolidated traditions and always open to friends, who always knew everything. regret brother disappeared, from the Manodori house, from Novellara, from Scandiano, from the five beautiful sisters, from the Tricolore, from cappelletti, “cazagai” and “surbìr”.

A house, a family, many tales

The renovation of the apartment confirmed and enhanced the character of the house bringing the warmth and sunshine of the still solid and never denied Lucanian origins of Marcella together with the informal rigor of Leopoldo into the Reggio home. With him you can talk about many topics in almost all European languages, especially with her in Italian (and in English!) Also in architecture, cuisine and celiac disease.


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